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Cybersecurity advisory

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Cybersecurity advisory

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What is a cybersecurity
advisory service?

Are you trying to solve a particular cybersecurity problem, but you don’t know how? Let the professionals help you. We offer a full toolkit of cybersecurity solutions including cybersecurity advisory services, for those times when you need a fast response to a challenging situation.

When you will need the service?

The cybersecurity advisory service is an add-on to our other aids such as penetration testing or vulnerability assessment. We analyze and deliver a final report for top management, complete with technical attachments. This gives you a detailed description of your weak areas and potential solutions for resolving and eliminating ‘back doors’ that hackers could use to attack your business.

Our cybersecurity advisory service means you can talk through the details from this report with one of our experts and get practical, workable solutions tailored specifically for you.

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